Casual attire refers to men and women's clothing that is contrary to traditional formal dressing by emphasizing comfort and downplaying style. Such articles of clothing are for individual personal comfort and leisure for regular everyday use. Casual attire was first adopted by the western world as casual wear was created as a response to cultural clashes that resulted in hybrids such as: office casual, party casual, casual dining, and casual chic. With the popularity of fashion technology and freestyle sports, a good number of gadgets and wearables today influence casual attire to bring casual functionality to informal circles among adults and children around the world. Casual attire, if tasteful and clean, has now started to be accepted as appropriate for many types of workplaces and semi-professional environments.

What is considered casual attire?

Casual attire is defined as relaxed, occasional, and ideal for everyday wear. Casual clothing should not have tears, stains, or holes. Casual attire is considered to be jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, hoodies, and sneakers. This does not include flip-flops, sweats, gym clothes, revealing clothes, and stained or heavily distressed items. Casual clothing is perfect for picnics, school, parties, restaurants, and airplanes.

What does business casual mean?

Business casual means that clothing should be less formal than traditional business wear, but it still portrays a very put together and professional image. Business casual for women can be defined as no jeans, no shorts, and no short dresses. For men it can be defined as button downs, slacks, and an optional tie.

What is casual chic attire?

Casual chic attire combines dressy clothing items such as tailored slacks or feminine blouses with something that is not formal like a leather jacket or jeans. Casual chic attire combines both style and comfort. Casual chic attire is great for hanging out with friends, running errands, casual parties, or going out to eat.

Casual Attire