Celebrities are famous people. They are often celebrated for doing something well, but some of them are famous for doing nothing. We know who celebrities are because they are in our films, they write the books we read, they perform the music we listen to, and they play for the sports teams we support. Celebrities often have social media accounts where they post pictures of their lives, so they can let their fans know what they are doing. An example of a celebrity is Kim Kardashian.

What makes someone a celebrity?

A celebrity is someone who is widely honored, has fame, and is mostly known by the general public. A celebrity receives a lot of public attention. Generally, there are 3 types of celebrities: those who are skilled at something and have created something of value like Steve Jobs or Bruce Lee, those who got lucky like the children of celebrities or maybe won a contest, and the last one are leaders like Barack Obama.

Is a social media influencer a celebrity?

Some social media influences have massive followings similar to a celebrity. Social media influencers are tied to consumerism culture and can be considered online celebrities. They are generally content creators and can easily influence their audiences. This is what separates influencers from celebrities. Also, social media influencers worked to create their fame by creating original content while celebrities gained fame from working in an established industry like film, television, or radio.

Who was the first celebrity?

Sarah Bernhardt is considered the first modern celebrity. She was born in Paris, France in 1844 and was an actress. Everyone rich or poor knew who she was and sought to see her live performances. She traveled all over the world and her performances drew up to 18 million people per year. She performed in arenas, music halls, and circus tents. Sarah Bernhardt passed away in 1923 and her death made news around the world.