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Commercial and retail fixtures are custom designed spatial elements used to heighten the comfort and experience of shoppers and employees within a commercial space. Ranging from static built-in cashier desks to commercial systems with flexible modular concepts, commercial fixtures serve a range of functions that can be modified for specific retail applications. The design of commercial and retail fixtures considers the various human factors and ergonomics to reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance comfort and safety with users’ limitations and capabilities are considered to ensure tasks and functions suit the respective user. Commercial and retail fixtures apply to various sizes of shops and retailers, from small bodegas to offices, restaurants, and warehouses.

Which retail fixtures are considered part of the real estate?

Retail fixtures that are considered part of the real estate are parts of the building that are considered an improvement and cannot be removed by the tenant. These include structures or installations, sewers, sidewalks, or anything that is permanently attached. Other retail fixtures that are considered part of the real estate are heating, ventilating or conditioning units.

Where do you buy retail fixtures?

Retail fixtures such as shelves, mannequins, display racks, display cases, stall walls, and signage holders can be purchased from various retail supply companies in person or online and can be bought used or new. Some fixtures are incorporated into the branding and marketing of different brands.

What is the difference between commercial and residential fixtures?

Commercial fixtures are meant to improve comfort and experience of shoppers in commercial settings. Within a commercial setting, fixture ownership is typically arranged in the lease and agreed upon both the tenant and landlord. Residential fixtures they are typically attached permanently to the house or apartment and will shift ownership if the residence is sold or lease is up.

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