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Dining and restaurant fixtures refer to the various custom fixed or moveable spatial elements that contribute to a dining experience. Ranging from domestic dining rooms to restaurants and cafes, dining fixtures are necessary for serving specific types of unique meals and groups of customers beyond the standard dining table and chair configuration. Typically including large fixed elements such as countertops, bar counters, booths, and fixed tables, dining fixtures may also refer to a variety of outdoor fixtures such as heaters and built-in patios that can also add to the dining experience. Restaurant fixtures can vary significantly, as establishments have different appearances and offerings.

What are the fixtures typically found in a restaurant?

Fixtures may vary from restaurant to restaurant as each establishment has different aesthetics, cuisines, and services. Fixtures that are typically found in restaurants include bar counters, fixed tables, seating booths, and cash registers. Other fixtures found in restaurants are refrigeration systems, countertops, wine racks, and kitchen equipment.

Where do you buy restaurant fixtures?

Buying restaurant fixtures doesn’t necessarily mean buying new equipment as you can purchase quality used fixtures for a good price. Leasing can also be an option restaurants that are just opening. Restaurant fixtures can be purchased through restaurant supply retailers either online or in person.

Where do you hang light fixtures in dining rooms?

Lighting fixtures in dining rooms, such as a chandelier, typically hang above the center of the dining room table. The standard height a chandelier should hang is between 30 to 36 inches (76.2 cm – 91.4 cm) above the top of the dining room table. This height can be adjusted to fit your room height, and lighting preferences.

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