Horses are odd-toed ungulate mammals that have been widely domesticated by humans since about 4000 BC. Due to this long history of domestication, only one true species of wild horse remains with other wild horse breeds actually existing as feral colonies of once domesticated horses. A pack animal, horses roam in herds of mares (females) and foals (young horses) led by a stallion (a mature male). Having spent years with running as the primary form of defense for these herbivores, horses are able to walk and run shortly after being born. Horses have been bred and domesticated for many reasons over the years such as working, racing, and riding.

How long do horses live?

Horses have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, and are able to live beyond that age with good care. The life expectancy of a horse has continued to increase over the years with improving veterinary care. Larger horses like draft breeds typically do not live as long as smaller breeds like Arabians.

What do horses eat?

Horses are herbivores and their diet consist of pasture, hay, concentrates as well as treats. Horses tend to graze all day long, and consume many small meals. The concentrates in a horse’s diet are grains like oats, barley and corn, and provide additional nutrition for working, older, young, or pregnant horses.

How fast do horses run?

Horses are able to run at the average speed of 30 miles (48.2 kilometers) per hour. The fastest speed of a racehorse on record was reported at 43.97 miles (70.76 kilometers) per hour and was accomplished by the horse named Winning Brew in 2008.

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