A pair is a term used to describe a grouping of two people of things. A pair usually indicates that the two match or compliment each other in some way, though this is not required. For example, in a game of cards one might be required to select a pair of aces. While one card might be an ace of hearts and the other an ace of spades, both cards are still aces and thus would make a pair. A couple is another term that describes a pairing of two, however a couple can also be used to describe a romantic partnership between two people.

Why do we have best friends?

Best friends are important as they provide comfort, a deep connection, and unconditional support. They also boost self-esteem, give honest opinions, bring a different perspective to situations, and can help us go through hard moments. Best friends are loyal and aide in personal growth.

What is monogamy?

Monogamy is a relationship in which the individual only has 1 partner either during their lifetime or at a time. Monogamy can also be applied to the behavior of animals. It is often argued that monogamy comes unnaturally to humans, as in other cultures it is common to have multiple wives or husbands.

How do couples meet today?

Currently most couples today meet through online dating sites or apps than through friends or contacts. Since 1940, the traditional way of meeting partners through family, church or neighborhood has declined. People looking for a relationship trust technology more and there is no longer a stigma to meeting people online.

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