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Balconies and patios are outdoor spaces used for dining or recreation that are commonly connected to residences and restaurants. In recent decades, the range of outdoor furniture selections has largely expanded, allowing more customized approaches to patio layout design that fits the lifestyles of the users. Permanent and moveable seating, fire features, kitchen fixtures such as grills and outdoor bars with sinks are among the many elements to implement in patio layouts. A successful patio layout will also take advantage of its relationship to other nearby spaces, such as lawns, gardens, interior living spaces, and so on.

What factors should you consider when designing a patio?

Determining the purpose and function of the patio first will help in designing it. Other factors to consider include: location as this affects privacy, sunlight, shading, and views, materials, and seating. Of course as with all projects, budget will have an impact on the design.

How do you design a balcony space?

Privacy can be a big factor to consider in designing a balcony space, especially if on the first floor of an apartment complex. Screens or dense planting (vines, tall shrubs) can help achieve balcony privacy. Greenery will also help in the overall feel and look of this space. The configuration and proportion of furniture as well as lighting are other important factors to consider.

What are the functions of a backyard patio?

The functions of a backyard patio can be for gathering (ex. around a fire pit), grilling, and gardening. A backyard patio can consist of a kitchen, living and dining areas, and planters to grow vegetables as well as flowers.

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