A phone booth is space designed to assist with a telephone user’s ease of communication. An outdoor phone booth may be constructed with more durable materials for its longevity, and an indoor booth often comes furnished with more decorative elements and casual elements for greater comfort. Phone booths are often covered as a small structure with a door, windows and lighting though today they may or may not include a payphone. The first version of a phone booth was opened in January 1881 and offered users to buy paper tickets for a few minutes of talking time. Traditionally, the payphone user deposits coins into a slot on the telephone to pay for the call, while some payphones may provide a card reader. The quantity of phone booths has been slowly decreasing after the onset of the mobile telephone in 1973.

How do you call a phone booth?

Before placing a call to a phone booth first figure out the phone number of the phone booth. The number is typically located on the front, or within a phone booth directory. Then use a landline or cell phone to call the phone booth. Afterwards dial the phone number and wait for the call to go through.

When were phone booths invented?

Phones booth were invented in 1889 by William Gray. Gray invented the phone booth after acknowledging how difficult it was to make a phone call outside of the home. The earliest phone booths were placed in railroad stations, fancy hotels, and banks. They were constructed out of wood.

When did phone booths disappear?

Phone booths generally began to disappear due to the introduction of the mobile phone. In the United States during 1970s pay phones started to be placed without a booth to be more accessible to everyone. In the United Kingdom phone booths were popular until their decline in the 1990s.

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