Satellite Dish

A satellite dish is a device that uses radio waves to receive or transmit information to or from a communication satellite. Its shape resembles a dish with a parabolic antenna which uses the parabolic shape to reflect the signal to the dish’s focal point. A satellite dish is most commonly used by consumers to receive direct-broadcast satellite television.  Before direct broadcast satellite services, a motorized C-band dish was used for reception of channels from different satellites. The term satellite dish was coined in 1978 amidst the satellite television industry. The most common types of satellite dishes are motor-driven dish, multi-satellite, and VSAT (very small aperture terminal).

How does a satellite dish work?

A satellite dish is a kind of antenna designed to focus on a specific broadcast source. A satellite dish is made up of a bowl-shaped surface and a central feed horn. When a beam of information hits the dish’s surface, the bowl-shape reflects the radio signal inward into the dish’s feed horn. This passes the signal to the receiving equipment.

What do you do with an old satellite dish?

Old satellite dishes are often left up to the responsibility of the owner, and not discarded by the satellite service provider. Satellite dishes are not easy to dispose as they are not biodegradable and tend to stay connected even after use. Old satellite dishes can serve as an antenna mount, bird bath, or may help boost 3G signal.

How do you keep snow off of a satellite dish?

Keep snow off a satellite dish by creating a slippery surface that will make the satellite dish snow and rain proof. Start off by climbing in a safe way to access your dish. Using a damp washcloth, wipe the dish clean of snow, and then spay the entire surface of the satellite dish with cooking oil.

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Satellite Dish

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