Wrestling is a dueling combat sport where two opponents spar in attempt to pin down each other down through strength and agility. Wrestling has been considered a sport for thousands of years, and is even included in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek mythology, and the Old Testament of the Bible. As a combative sport, wrestling contains multiple techniques such as takedowns, pins, joint locks, and a multitude of holds used in order to win. As a variation of the traditional freestyle wrestling, professional wrestling is more theatrical and performative with notable wrestlers such as John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

How is wrestling scored?

There are multiple ways to earn points ranging from 2 points all the way to 6 points: pins, forfeits, disqualification, injury, technical fouls, and majority decision are all ways you can score various points for your team or individually.

How do you lose weight for wrestling?

Losing weight for wrestling will consist of drinking plenty of water and lowering your food intake and fats in your diet. Other than dieting correctly, cardio and working out consistently will help you lose weight and still maintain muscle to perform better in wrestling.

When is the wrestling season?

The wrestling season usually lasts between October or November and March. Daily play for the season starts at the end of October or early November and lasts until February. Whether the individual or team make it into the post-season, expect the season to last from February to March.


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