Chinstrap Penguin

Collection of illustrations of Chinstrap Penguins in multiple positions from standing to walking

The Chinstrap Penguin acquires its name from its appearance, a narrow black band of feathers under its head, making it appear as if it were wearing a black helmet. Due to its large harsh call, its other names include ringed penguin, bearded penguin, and stonecracker penguin. The Chinstrap Penguin avoids detection from predators through countershading camouflage with its black back and white underside.  Further, its tightly packed feathers provide a waterproof coat that allow it to swim in freezing waters. The species has a circumpolar distribution, and they breed in Antarctica, Argentina, Bouvet Island, Chile, the Falkand Islands, the Fresh Southern Territories, and South Georgia.

The Chinstrap Penguin has an average height range of 27”-30” (68-76 cm), weight of 7-12 lb (3.2-5.3 kg), and typical lifespan of 15-20 years.


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27”-30” | 68-76 cm
7-12 lb | 3.2-5.3 kg
Scientific Name:
Pygoscelis antarcticus
15-20 years


Drawings include:
Chinstrap Penguin standing (side), standing (back), walking (front), standing (front), jumping (side), standing (winter woman)

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Penguins are a species of flightless aquatic birds that live south of the equator with the exception of one species that lives on Galapagos Island. Having adapted for water instead of air, the penguin’s wings have evolved from wings to flippers; useful for propelling the penguin through the water.