Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Series of front and back drawings of the Eastern Lowland Gorilla in various postures

The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largest of the four gorilla subspecies of the Eastern Gorilla and is unique to the mountainous forest of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Eastern lowland gorillas are sociable and peaceful animals that feast on a varied diet of fruits, stems and bark, and small insects. The gorillas’ coats are jet black, and the hair greys as the animal matures; this is known as ‘silverback’. Eastern lowland gorillas are critically endangered, and there is only one female eastern gorilla in captivity and can be found at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium.

The typical Eastern Lowland Gorilla has an overall height of 44.0”-52.0” (112-132 cm) and withers height of 63.0”-72.0” (160-183 cm). An average Eastern Lowland Gorilla weighs between 220-460 lb (100-210 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 30-40 (wild), 40-60 (captivity).


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44.0”-52.0” | 112-132 cm
Standing Height:
63.0”-72.0” | 160-183 cm
220-460 lb | 100-210 kg
Scientific Name:
Gorilla beringei
30-40 (wild), 40-60 (captivity)


Drawings include:
Eastern Lowland Gorilla side elevation, side (standing), side (person), front, back, front (sitting)

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