Set of dimensioned drawings of the Peloton Tread labeled with height, width, and length in plan and elevation

The Peloton Tread is the perfect home fitness equipment featuring a 32-inch touch screen for live user training and in-demand workout videos like cardio, walking, running, and strength training. The machine is also equipped with resistance bands, a mat, and a set of weights and the ability to subscribe to Peloton membership to enjoy unlimited workout class and accessories.

The Peloton Tread has an overall height of 72” (182.9 cm), width of 36.5” (92.7 cm), and length of 72.5” (184.2 cm). It is equipped with a 32” 1080p HD Touchscreen.


*Under Development*

72” | 182.9 cm
36.5” | 92.7 cm
72.5” | 184.2 cm

Display: 32” 1080p HD Touchscreen



Drawings include:
Peloton Tread side elevation, back, plan, side (people)

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