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Showers Heights and Clearances are established based on shower safety, comfort, and usability. Accommodating various user postures and movements, shower clearances consider a range of body types, ages, and skills in the placement of shower controls, grab bars, and shower heads.

Shower heads are located at a standard height of 80” (203 cm), but can be set at a minimum height of 72” (183 cm) if desired. Shower controls should be placed at a height 40”-50” (102-127 cm) above the shower floor and out of direct line of the water path to avoid being caught in extremely cold or hot water when operating. For safety, horizontal shower grab bars should be installed 33”-36” (84-91 cm) above the floor. Shower sizes vary considerably based on the floor plan, but comfortable minimal showers are commonly 42” x 36” (107 cm x 91 cm) with the flexibility to incorporate a (12” | 31 cm) seat. Shower ceilings can vary in height from 84”-120” (213-305 cm) above the floor.

What is the standard height of a Shower Head?
The standard height of a shower head is 80" (6'8") | 203 cm above the shower floor. The minimum recommended shower head height is 72” (6') | 183 cm, which may be undesirable for taller users.
What is the standard height of a Shower Grab Bar?
Shower Grab Bars should be mounted 33”-36” | 84-91 cm above the shower floor.
What height should a shower ceiling be?
Shower Ceilings can vary between 84”-120” (7'-10') | 213-305 cm high depending on the space and the design.


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Shower Head Height (Standard): 80” | 203 cm
Shower Head Height (Minimum): 72” | 183 cm
Shower Control Height: 40”-50” | 102-127 cm
Grab Bar Height: 33”-36” | 84-91 cm
Shower Width (Minimum): 36” | 91 cm
Shower Depth (Minimum): 42” | 107 cm
Shower Ceiling Height: 84”-120” | 213-305 cm
Shower Depth (Seat): 54” | 137 cm
Seat Depth (Minimum): 12” | 31 cm
Seat Height: 15” | 38 cm



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Shower Heights | Clearances side elevation, side (people)

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Shower heads are overhead bath fixtures that direct the flow of water through perforated nozzles. Paired with water catching bathing fixtures such as the shower pan or collecting fixtures such as the bathtub, shower heads work in conjunction with valves to control the temperature and flow of water.