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The Beginner Yoga level is geared towards the new yoga learner, but yogis of all levels are welcomed. Beginner yoga classes teaches yogis different ways to move the body while instructing them from one pose to the next.

Beginner yoga is meant to be simple, enjoyed, and moves at a gentle pace. It is perfect for people who have never actively practiced yoga, but are curious to learn. The beginner yoga difficulty level teaches people the basic yoga poses and different breathing techniques. They also focus on proper body alignment. Beginner yoga classes are meant to soothe and relax both the body and mind.

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Yoga Difficulty Levels range from Beginner Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, and Advanced Yoga. The difficulty levels span from learning how to start practicing yoga to mastering challenging yoga poses. A yoga difficulty level is based on physical abilities, but also a person’s mind and past experience.

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