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Core Yoga Poses engage the abs through different sequences to build a strong and stable central core. The core of the body is more than the abdominal muscles – it is made up of every muscle that is not part of the arms or legs. Core yoga poses improve abdominal strength that as a result boosts almost every single yoga pose.

The benefits of core yoga poses include being able to hold poses longer, lowering the risk of back pain, and improving balance. Some Core Yoga Poses include the Boat Pose, Cat Pose, Chair Pose, Crane Pose, and Dolphin Plank Pose.

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There are over 300 types of yoga poses. Each yoga pose, or asana, targets a different part of the body like the legs, arms, or back. The different types of yoga poses can be categorized by difficulty or the anatomy of the body that they target and are typically done in sequence.

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