Foundation Stock Service (FSS)

Set of drawings of various dog breeds within the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) classification

The Foundation Stock Services (FSS) is a dog breed group that consists of purebred rare breeds that are currently being bred giving them a reliable and reputable form of record keeping. Dog breeds must go through the Foundation Stock Service process before being fully recognized. Before being fully recognized the breed must have a minimum of 150 dogs with a 3-generation pedigree. After being recognized they will be placed in the Miscellaneous Class. Dog Breeds that are part of Foundation Stock Services (FSS) include the Alaskan Klee Kai, Bohemian Shepherd, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Drever, and Kai Ken.

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Dog Breed Groups are the group of breed categories that divide dogs by the original work they were bred and developed to achieve. There are over 190 dog breeds that are divided into different Dog Breed Groups. Dog Breed Groups have different roles, characteristics, and histories.

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