Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

Set of illustrations of people performing various Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

Hip-Opening Yoga Poses are performed in order to loosen the hips while improving the range of motion and circulation. Hip opening yoga poses are important as they help support the entire body. After completing a hip opening yoga sequence many yogis feel lighter and more open to new emotions.

Hip-Opening Poses are believed to help people let go of memories, energy blocks, and emotional vulnerabilities. Hip opening yoga poses include the Child’s Pose, Cow Face Pose, Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, Eagle pose, Easy Pose, and Fire Log Pose.

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There are over 300 types of yoga poses. Each yoga pose, or asana, targets a different part of the body like the legs, arms, or back. The different types of yoga poses can be categorized by difficulty or the anatomy of the body that they target and are typically done in sequence.

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