Miscellaneous Class

Group of scaled illustrations of different dog breeds within the Miscellaneous Class breed group

The Miscellaneous Class is a dog breed group that is made up of dog breeds that are not AKC-recognized dog breeds and do not fall into any of the recognized classifications. Dog Breeds that are placed in the Miscellaneous Class go through an evaluation period while they are working towards full AKC recognition. Once a breed achieves full official status, they are assigned to a breed group based on their overall characteristics, temperament, origins, purpose, and history. Dog Breeds within the Miscellaneous Class include the Dutch Shepherd, Mudi, Portuguese Podengo, Small Munsterlander, and Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.

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Dog Breed Groups


Dog Breed Groups are the group of breed categories that divide dogs by the original work they were bred and developed to achieve. There are over 190 dog breeds that are divided into different Dog Breed Groups. Dog Breed Groups have different roles, characteristics, and histories.

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