Scaled drawing of various Muggles from Harry Potter — particularly the Dursley Family

Muggles are non-magical folk. They are the everyday people we see in our towns and cities, working in offices, shops, hospitals and restaurants. They have no magical ability and are generally ignorant of the magical community. A small number of Muggles are aware of witches and wizards, usually because they have magical relations. When a new Muggle Prime Minister starts their term of government, the Minister of Magic appears in their office and informs them of the wizarding world. This is to ensure both Muggles and magical governments work cohesively for the people everywhere, regardless of magical ability.

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Harry Potter Wizarding Classes

Harry Potter

Wizarding Classes refer to the social roles, blood-lineages, and culturally implied statuses of individuals within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As is true in all societies, an individual is not pre-defined by the the upbringing or cultural assignments, and the same is true in Harry Potter.

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