Scaled drawings of various characters with Pure-Blood lineages from Harry Potter

There are three blood statuses in the wizarding world; Pure-blood, Half-Blood and Muggle-borns. Pure-blood is the name given to witches and wizards of only magical ancestry. Many pure-bloods believe in pure-blood supremacy and that pure-bloods are innately superior to those who have Muggle parentage. Although most wizarding families are now of mixed blood status, a directory was published in the mid twentieth century (widely believed to be the work of wizard historian Cantankerus Nott) which lists the twenty-eight magical families whose blood lines remained ‘pure’ well into the 1930s. These families include the Malfoys, Weasleys, Lestranges and the Longbottoms.

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Harry Potter Wizarding Classes

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Wizarding Classes refer to the social roles, blood-lineages, and culturally implied statuses of individuals within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As is true in all societies, an individual is not pre-defined by the the upbringing or cultural assignments, and the same is true in Harry Potter.

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