Strength Yoga Poses

Series of illustrations showing various types of Strength Yoga Poses

Strength Yoga Poses are geared to work the entire body. The poses help improve bone density, metabolism, sleep pattern, and increase brain health. They also help build muscles in the arms, legs, and core. It is important for the yogi to determine which yoga poses are the most beneficial towards their individual fitness goals when working with strength yoga poses.

The poses have to be repetitive and dynamic as they focus more on the physical body than on the mind. Some Strength Yoga Poses are the Boat Pose, Chair Pose, Dolphin Plank Pose, Downward Facing Dog, and Extended Triangle Pose.

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There are over 300 types of yoga poses. Each yoga pose, or asana, targets a different part of the body like the legs, arms, or back. The different types of yoga poses can be categorized by difficulty or the anatomy of the body that they target and are typically done in sequence.

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