Conversion Calculator
Conversion Calculator

Use our Conversion Calculator to convert between commonly used units. Select your unit from the various options, enter a value, and generate a list of related resulting conversions. The Dimensions.Guide Conversion Calculator currently converts length, area, weight, and temperature.

Inches (in):

Feet (ft):

Yard (yd):

Mile (mi):

Millimeter (mm):

Centimeters (cm):

Meters (m):

Kilometers (km):

Square Inches (in², sq in):

Square Feet (ft², sq ft):

Square Miles (mi², sq mi):

Acres (ac):

Hectares (ha):

Square Millimeters (mm², sq mm):

Square Centimeters (cm², sq cm):

Square Meters (m², sq m):

Square Kilometers (km², sq km):

Ounces (oz):

Pounds (lb):

Tons (t):

Milligrams (mg):

Grams (g):

Kilograms (kg):

Metric Tons (mt):

Fahrenheit (°F):

Celsius (°C):

Kelvin (K):


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