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Bicycle parking is a space designated for the secure storage of bicycles in a public or private setting. Including a variety of security options such as locks, racks, stands, hooks, lockers, sheds, stations, and facilities, bicycle storage is a critical aspect of urban infrastructure that must be taken into consideration. As more people today are increasingly engaging in mixed-modes of daily transportation, efficient bicycle parking layouts have become more essential than ever to accommodate the influx of bike users.

What factors should be considered when designing an area for bicycle storage?

Important factors to be considered when designing an area for bicycle storage are space availability and safety. If designing in a space where other means of transportation, equipment, etc. already reside, it is important to maintain organization and mobility (means of getting to the bicycle or getting around).

Where should bicycles be stored?

The best storage space for bicycles is dependent on available space. A garage or storage shed is considered ideal when and if not preferring to bring the bicycle indoors into a home. Bike wall racks, racks that store bikes vertically, is a storage solution that takes up the least amount of square footage.

How much space do you need to store one bicycle?

The space needed to store one bicycle is dependent on the method of storage. If using a bike wall rack positioned at a forty-five degree angle, the bike will protrude 40 inches (101.6 cm) from the wall and the rack will leave 16 inches (40.64 cm) of space on either side for the next bicycle to be hung. As such, a bicycle's footprint is 16 by 84 inches (40.64-213.36 cm) when placed on the ground.

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