Bypass Sliding Doors

Plan drawings of Bypass Sliding Doors in various positions including closed, open, and operational

In a Bypass Sliding Door one section of the door passes in front of the other. They are set in a double opening and are often used on closets or pantries. As the top track supports all of the weight, the bottom track is optional, and it is used only to help guide the door. The bottom guide should be used when there is a concern that the door might be bumped hard enough to swing. The system is simple and reasonably priced to divide or close off various storage spaces. With numerous configurations, Bypass Sliding Doors maintain the ease of use and offer a straightforward installation.


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Bypass Sliding Doors plan (closed), plan (open), plan (operation)

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Door operation refers to the diverse variety of door typologies for closing and securing a space. Designed for a range of buildings from homes, offices, public spaces, and industrial settings, the choice of door operation is essential for controlling the environment and the flow of people.

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