Moving Walkways

Side elevation drawing of a Moving Walkway with dimensions and people for scale

Moving walkways, or moving sidewalks, conveyors or travelators, are motorized continuously moving horizontal or low-inclined surfaces that transport people over short to medium distances. Easy to use by either standing or walking, moving walkways are commonly used in airports, public transportation stations, densely populated cities, museums, zoos, theme parks, retail stores, theater sets, and ski resorts.

Moving walkways can be designed for various customizable lengths depending on use. Handrails of 3’ (.91 m) must be maintained throughout the entire length of the walkway. For structural support, a supporting truss with a depth of 3’6” (1.07 m) must also span the length of the moving walkway.


*Under Development*


Length: Customizable as desired
Height (Handrail):
3’ | .91 m
Depth (Truss):
3’6” | 1.07 m



Drawings include:
Moving Walkways side elevation

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Escalators are continuously circulating motorized stairways that move people between floors of a building. Often used in conjunction with elevators, escalators provide a convenient, efficient, and comfortable means of travel for people needing to ascend or descend through limited sets of levels.

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