Bathroom Vanities

A Bathroom Vanity is a combination of bathroom sink(s) and storage as one total structural fixture. Unlike bathroom cabinets that are topped with a separate sink, a vanity is a fixture that streamlines the setup by hiding plumbing within the vanity and reducing the amount of surfaces in your bathroom. Vanities range in various styles that typically include classic, contemporary, rustic and modern and can either be free standing or wall mounted.

What is a bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is composed of both the sink and the surrounding storage unit or cabinet. In many cases the cabinetry not only hides any exposed plumbing but also provides space to hold cleaning supplies and other bathroom items.

How do you install a bathroom vanity?

To install a bathroom vanity, mark points and trace the outline of it on the wall. Using a stud finder, mark the location of the studs on the wall as well. It is important to remember to mark and drill holes needed for the pipes. Then, secure the vanity to the wall using anchors and screws. Install the faucet after assembling onto the sink and attach the water supply lines. Set the vanity top level and flush to the wall, sealed with caulk.

How tall are bathroom vanities?

The standard bathroom vanity height ranges between 30 and 32 inches (76-81 cm). Recently, taller vanities known as comfort or counter height vanities measure to 36 inches (91.4 cm).

Bathroom Vanities