Fishing can be a highly competitive sport involving skill, patience, and luck. As a practice founded before the Paleolithic period, humans have been fishing for survival and sport for thousands of years. Based higher in knowledge and skill rather than physical strength or stamina, fishing often requires significant experience to be able to successfully reel in a larger catch. Fishing includes regular casting, fly fishing, netting, angling, trapping, and even spear stabbing. While classifying fishing as a sport is widely debated, many fisherman will be the first to say that when it comes to the catch, size does matter.

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a form of fishing that uses a light-weight artifice lure to catch fish, rather than live bait. In fly fishing, there is a specific type of fly rod, real and weighted line you use instead of the normal fishing gear that’s used for fishing.

What are the traits of a good fisherman?

Traits to becoming a good fisherman are knowing when the right time is to fish, putting in effort in learning, patience, love of the sport, and technique. All these traits can take a beginner or avid lover of the sport to the next level in becoming a good fisherman.

What is jig fishing?

Jig fishing is a different type of fishing that consists of fishing with a type of fishing lure called a jig. A jig is a lead sinker with a hook and the body covered in a soft body that helps attract fish. Jigs are designed to have a specific jerking motion in the water.

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