Dodgeball is a team sport where two opposing teams attempt to throw balls and hit opponents while not being hit themselves. There is evidence that dodgeball began in Africa by throwing rocks as a training exercise for warriors. Today, Dodgeball is played both recreationally and in leagues, and is comprised of three versions including an elimination game, a timed game, and a scored game based on hits or points. Rubber or dense foam balls are typically used, and players can attempt to win the game by gaining hits on opposing individuals, or by successfully eliminating all players of the opposing team.

What are the 5 Ds of dodgeball?

There are many speculations on the five Ds of dodgeball, many believe that dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. While others believe that the fifth D stands for “deflect”. Dodging is a key factor in the sport, but is it really that important that we need to mention it twice? That’s the key question.

Who invented dodgeball?

Dodgeball originated in Africa over 200 years ago simulating the dodgeball we play today, but in a brutal way: the form of dodgeball played in Africa was used for warriors to get stronger and develop endurance since they used large rocks as dodgeballs.

What are the rules of dodgeball?

Players start equal distance of the dodgeballs, players cannot kick the dodgeballs, once hit with a dodgeball you must get out if you catch a dodgeball the person who threw it is out and a player for your team comes back in to play.


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