Traffic Signs

Traffic signs provide road users and drivers with instructions and warning through the use of signs that stand above or on the side of the road. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones. With the influx of traffic volume, many countries have simplified and standardized their signs to overcome language barriers and maximize traffic safety—typically through pictorial signs instead of written signs. There are eight categories of signs: danger warning signs, priority signs, prohibitory signs, mandatory signs, special regulation signs, information, facilities, or service signs, direction, position, or indication signs, and additional panels.

What is the purpose of a diamond shaped traffic sign?

Diamond shaped traffic signs alert drivers of any upcoming road conditions and hazards. Diamond shaped traffic signs alert the driver to be more cautious to avoid any accidents. They may warn of a sharp curve ahead, merging traffic, or crossroad. Typically, these signs are yellow with black letters and symbols.

What does a round traffic sign mean?

Round traffic signs alert the driver that they are approaching a railroad crossing or light rail transit crossing. These signs give an early warning of railroad crossings and gives drivers enough time to slow down. Round traffic signs are typically yellow and have black letters and symbols.

What three things do road signs do to promote the smooth movement of traffic?

The three things road signs do to promote the smooth movement of traffic are regulate, warn, and guide. Road signs are important as they help make drivers aware of road conditions, as well as any road turns and construction areas. They ensure that drivers and riders are safe while promoting safe road conditions.

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Traffic Signs

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