Shelves | Shelving

Shelving is a system of storage that uses flat horizontal raised surfaces (shelves) for displaying, holding, or offering items at home or in commercial settings. Shelving systems require adequately mounted installation into wall surfaces that can resist collapse and overloading. The design of shelving systems ranges from single individual shelves to combinations of shelves and/or componentized systems based on modules that allow for greater flexibility and organization options.

How do you hang a shelf?

To hang a shelf, a stud finder is needed to locate the studs in the wall. It is important to drill into the stud to secure the shelf onto the wall. Attach the bracket into the drilled hole and use a level to install the second bracket at the appropriate location.

How do you decorate shelves?

Shelves can be a way of organization, showcasing, and putting one’s interests on display. Shelves can feature a stack of books, picture frames, art prints, lamps, candles, and plants to name a few suggestions. Personal knick knacks can also be added for sentimental decoration.

How do you build a shelf?

For a basic shelf that rests on the floor, a piece of plywood can be placed on top of two bricks or two blocks on either end. If wanting the shelf on the wall, position a bracket and drill holes. A pair of vertical metal bars with slots can also be used to hang a shelf up on the wall.

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