IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink

Elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink with dimensions

The IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink is an innovation of Nike Karlsson and IKEA of Sweden sporting a single insert ceramic bowl with soft rounded corners for an easy clean. The kitchen sink provides an option to add a water trap and a strainer connection for a washing machine or dishwasher.

The IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink has an overall width of 20.875” (53 cm( and depth of 18.5” (47 cm). The inner bowl of the IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink is 18.5” (47 cm) wide, 15.75” (40 cm) from front to back, and 7.875” (20 cm) deep.


*Under Development*

20.875” | 53 cm
18.5” | 47 cm
Bowl Depth:
7.875” | 20 cm

Width (Bowl): 18.5” | 47 cm
Front to Back (Bowl): 15.75” | 40 cm

Nike Karlsson (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Havsen Kitchen Sink front elevation, side, plan, plan (person and counter)

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Kitchen sinks are specialized bowl-shaped fixtures designed to accommodate the everyday functions of a kitchen. Primarily used for cleaning vegetables, washing dishes, supplying water, and holding dirty dishes, kitchen sinks come in a range of sizes and designs that cater to a variety of uses.