IKEA PAX Corner Wardrobe - 63 x 107

Set of dimensioned drawings of the IKEA PAX Corner Wardrobe (63 x 107) labeled with height, width, and depth

The IKEA Pax Corner Wardrobe (63’’ x 107’’) is the ultimate wardrobe solution that provides the user with the maximum amount of storage space. The design of this wardrobe option has 3 sides. The wardrobe incorporates a glass shelf, drawers, clothing rails, pull-out trays, shelves, shoe shelving, and a metal basket.

Pair of elevation drawings of the tall variation of the IKEA PAX Corner Wardrobe (63 x 107) with dimensions

The IKEA PAX Corner Wardrobe (63 x 107) has an overall width of 106.625” (270.8 cm), length of 63.125” (160.3 cm), shelving unit depths of 22.875” (58.1 cm), and comes in two heights of 79.25”-93.125” (201.3-236.5 cm).


*Under Development*

79.25”-93.125” | 201.3-236.5 cm
106.625” | 270.8 cm
22.875” | 58.1 cm
63.125” | 160.3 cm
Particleboard frame, shelves, drawers; steel clothes rails
Ehlén Johansson (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA PAX Corner Wardrobe - 63 x 107 (Standard & Tall) front elevation, side, plan

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