Revolving Doors

Assortment of drawings of Revolving Doors in operation with people or empty

A Revolving Door is a door that rotates around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. It typically consists of three or four doors or panels (called “wings or “leaves”) that hang on a central shaft. They allow large numbers of people to pass in and out, and the large diameter can accommodate strollers and wheeled luggage racks. Revolving Doors are energy efficient, as they act as an airlock to prevent drafts, decreasing the loss of heating or cooling for the building.  Revolving Doors were initially designed to relieve stack effect pressure in buildings.


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Revolving Doors plan, plan (people)

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Door operation refers to the diverse variety of door typologies for closing and securing a space. Designed for a range of buildings from homes, offices, public spaces, and industrial settings, the choice of door operation is essential for controlling the environment and the flow of people.

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