Swinging | Hinged Doors

Collection of plan drawings of Swinging | Hinged doors showing open, closed, and operating positions

Swinging doors, also commonly known as hinged doors, operate by turning on hinges installed on a side jamb. When pulled or pushed, a swing door pivots around the jamb and the threshold. These doors require designers to verify required clearances of the door swing to make sure that there is enough space for the door to fully open. The swing door is the most commonly used door system because of its convenience in allowing access and passage. In most cases the rotation axis is vertical, but it can also be hinged so that the rotation axis is not in the plane of the door. This reduces the space required on the side the door opens; it is found in train and airplane doors, so the door to the toilet opens inward. Some variations of Hinged Doors include Swing Doors (that open inward and outward), French Doors, Mead Doors, Dutch Doors, and Garden Doors.


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Benefits: Effective for weather proofing and acoustic and thermal insulation
Exterior and interior
Fire Rated:



Drawings include:
Swinging | Hinged Doors plan (closed), plan (operation), plan (open), plans (people)

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Door operation refers to the diverse variety of door typologies for closing and securing a space. Designed for a range of buildings from homes, offices, public spaces, and industrial settings, the choice of door operation is essential for controlling the environment and the flow of people.

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