Door Hardware Locations

The location of door hardware should be measured and mounted within specified ranges of usability in order to fulfill the needs of users in specific situations. For accessibility, door hardware such as handles, pulls, locks, and latches should be able to be operated easily with one hand without requiring pinching, tightly gripping, or twisting the wrist.

Accessible reach ranges from a maximum of 54” (137 cm) to a lower point 15” (38 cm) from the floor.


*Under Development*


Lockset Strike: 40” | 102 cm
Pull or Push Bar: 42” | 107 cm
Pull Latches or Push Plates: 45” | 115 cm
Dead Lock Strike: 60” | 152 cm
Hinge (Bottom): Maximum 13” | 33 cm
Hinge (Top): Maximum 11.75” | 30 cm
Hinge (Middle): Center between top and bottom
Accessible Range: 15”-54” | 38-137 cm



Drawings include:
Door Hardware Locations front elevation

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Door hardware is any item attached to a door with the purpose to enhance functionality, usability, durability, and/or appearance of the door. Typical door hardware includes: locksets, hinges, closers, panic hardware, push/pull bars, kick plates, door stops, thresholds, weatherstripping, and tracks.

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