Utility Boats

Side, front and plan drawings with dimensions of a Utility Boat

Utility Boats come in various shapes and sizes, all with a broad and stable structure and use such as hunting, fishing, leisure, for sports or military use. They are built with ruggedness and toughness in mind, hence can last year of hard use. They may have one or two bench seats and are usually occupied with one or two people, feature dry storage boxes, aerated live well, raised bow casting platform, and in-floor battery storage.

Utility come in a range of sizes with typical overall lengths of 18’ (5.48 m), widths around 6’10” (2.08 m), and depths of 3’8” (1.12 m).


*Under Development*

6’10” | 2.08 m
3’8” | 1.12 m
18’ | 5.48 m


Drawings include:
Utility Boats side elevation, side (people), front, plan

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