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Bedside Tables, also known as nightstands, are small tables that are placed along one or both sides of a bed. Often designed with drawers and shelves for additional bedroom storage, bedside tables support a range of bedroom functions by holding items such as reading lamps, drinking glasses, books, phones and phone chargers, notebooks, candles, small potted plants, alarms clocks, and additional blankets. Bedside tables are designed and manufactured with a range of styles, heights, and materials that can be paired with bed frames and other bedroom furnishings.

How tall are bedside tables?

Bedside Tables have average heights between 24”-28” (61-71 cm) to match typical bed heights of 25” (63.5 cm).

How far away from a bed should a bedside table be?

Bedside Tables should be placed around 2” (5 cm) from the edge of the mattress or bed frame which will still allow a person to reach the tabletop surface from the bed.

What items are commonly found on a bedside table?

Bedside Tables are used to hold a variety of common bedroom items that include reading lamps, glass of water, books, phones and phone chargers, notebooks, candles, and small potted plants.

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