Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets are cabinets with a transparent door or window usually made up of glass or an acrylic plastic to showcase an object for viewing. Often appearing in museums, stores, or homes, display cabinets can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the object it will be displaying. Shelving units and lighting can also be integrated within the display cabinets to enhance the viewing experience.

What do you put in a display cabinet?

A display cabinet typically showcases china but hold other kitchenware such as canisters, cake trays, or any sort of ornate and decorative pieces. Other items that can be put in a display cabinet include ornaments or other holiday decor, sculptures, books, and vases.

How do you display dishes in a china cabinet?

There is generally an order or guidelines to follow when organizing and displaying dishes in a china cabinet. The very top shelf is usually meant for wine glasses or crystal pieces. Many cabinets have lights so placing these items at the top will make the cabinet glisten and glow. The second shelf is designated for plates that are placed in an upright, leaning position via holders to show its shape and design. The very bottom shelf is where larger items, such as bowls, should go.

What color should the background be in a display cabinet?

The background of a display cabinet often remains untouched, but patterned wallpaper can be added or the back can be painted a different color than the display cabinet to add some interest. There is no set standard for what color or pattern should be placed in the background of a display cabinet, but it is best to choose a color that compliments the style and appearance of the cabinet itself and the dishes (which are typically white).

Display Cabinets