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Reading is an activity that involves the cognitive interpretation of written or tactile (in the case of Braille) symbols to extract meaning and thus facilitate the communication of ideas and information. Though commonly regarded as a form of language-processing that requires the comprehension of speech based writing systems, reading can also include the interpretation of music notation, pictograms, and number codes. Reading is a learned skill that is formally taught to children beginning in early elementary school years and is typically required all the way through to the highest degrees of education. Typically an introspective practice, reading may also be done for recreational purposes, religious purposes, instructional purposes, and so on, with examples ranging from reading poetry, newspapers, novels, fairytales, maps, and music scores.

How do you increase reading speed and comprehension?

Some exercises to increase reading speed and comprehension are to first skim the text and look for the important points. Decreasing sub vocalization, reading words in groups, and using a pointer as you read, will further help to increase speed and allow for the material to be more quickly comprehended.

What is guided reading?

The ultimate goal of guided reading is to foster independent readers. An instructor works with a small group of students who read at similar levels and demonstrate similar reading behaviors. Through guided reading, students are given the chance to apply learned strategies to new text.

What is active reading?

Active reading is done by critically engaging with the content as you read; it is reading something with the intent to understand and evaluate it for its relevance to your individual needs. Strategies to be a more active reader are to read with a specific focus, break the text into portions, question the text as you read, and take notes as you read.

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Reading - Combination (Standing)
Reading - Combination (Standing)
People Reading - Combination (Standing)
Clothing Style
Casual, Business

Drawings include:
Reading - Combination (standing) side elevation (detail), side (outline silhouette)

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