Outdoor fixtures are the various appliances, equipment, and fixed constructions that serve users in outdoor settings. Many outdoor fixtures are implemented for the general public’s use with some requiring gas or electric power sources depending on the fixture. However, not all outdoor fixtures may need an energy source, as this range of fixtures varies in function, size, and complexity from technological equipment to utilitarian objects. Outdoor fixtures can service backyards at home or larger shared areas with typical examples ranging from BBQ grills and street lamps to fire pits, drinking fountains, and fire hydrants.

What are outdoor fixtures?

Outdoor fixtures are the different appliances and equipment that serve users in an outdoor setting. Some outdoor fixtures require gas or electricity while others do not. Examples of outdoor fixtures include BBQ grills, street lamps, fire pits, drinking fountains, built-in patios, and fire hydrants.

How do you weatherproof outdoor fixtures?

When weatherproofing outdoor fixtures such as lighting elements think about location and place them where there is less of a chance of rain or snow reaching them. Place light shields on outdoor lighting fixtures to prevent moisture from getting to the bulb or light fitting. Other outdoor fixtures can be waterproofed by using water-resistant silicone caulk on their surfaces.

How do you clean outdoor fixtures?

In order to clean outdoor fixtures, wet a soft cloth with soap and water. Don’t use chemical cleaners on outdoor fixtures, unless it is recommended by the manufacturer as it will turn them dull. Carefully wipe all the non-removable parts of the fixture. Use a small brush for small intricate patterns. Be careful to not wet any electrical outlets.

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Outdoor Fixtures