The Office was first broadcast in the UK in 2001 and later relaunched in the US in 2005. It is a mockumentary sitcom that shows the day to day life of British office workers. One of the shows creators, Ricky Gervais, features as the boss in the UK version. The set up of the show has been remade in many other countries, including the highly popular US version that is led by Steve Carell. Everyone finds it funny because it showcases the mundanity of everyday office life, the small talk that people engage in, and the things that people get angry about. People can really relate to it.

When did The Office US start?

The Office started with its first episode airing on NBC on March 24, 2005. The Office was on air for a total of 9 seasons and its last episode premiered on May 16, 2013. The Office was based on the BBC series in 2001 with the same name and was adapted by Greg Daniels.

Where was The Office filmed?

The Office was filmed at Chandler Valley Centre Studio in Panorama City, California in the United States. The storyline of The Office takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A lot of the scenes from the show were filmed in The Valley in Los Angeles, California, and its nearby surroundings.

What are the differences between The Office UK and The Office US?

The difference between The Office UK and The Office US is that The Office UK lasted for only 2 seasons, while The Office US was on air for 9 seasons. The Office US also had more romance, continuous subplots, and character development. The Office UK had a smaller budget and both series used different humor.

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