Cooking - Women (Side)

Collection of side elevation drawings of women performing various cooking acts from chopping to boiling, stirring, and frying

Cooking is the act of making food. Cooking can be done to feed oneself or others. Cooking is a skill that requires attention to detail and practice. Cooking requires cutting, chopping, frying, sautéing, and a multitude of other skills. Cooking can be a hobby, a job, or just a means to create food to eat.

Series of outline silhouette drawings of women in various cooking positions for use in kitchen elevation drawings


*Under Development*

Clothing Style:
Cooking apron


Drawings include:
Women cooking side elevations (chopping, boiling, frying, stirring)

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Cooking is the human process or skill of preparing food for eating by combining, mixing, and heating various ingredients. Methods of heating vary widely depending on the dish being prepared, cultural customs, the skill set of the cook, and available resources, with a range of nuanced techniques.

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