Kohler San Tropez Bidet

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Kohler San Tropez Bidet with height, width and depth measurements

The Kohler San Tropez Bidet is a freestanding bidet featuring a vertical spray and front fill solution with versatile styling that pairs well with a variety of toilet styles. The bidet can be mounted on the floor or installed below the floor rough-in and has holes drilled for Fixture-Mounted Vacuum Breaker and Fixture-Mounted Bidet Faucet.

The Kohler San Tropez Bidet has an overall height of 15.5” (39.4 cm), width of 15.5” (39.4 cm), and depth of 24.375” (61.9 cm).


*Under Development*

15.5” | 39.4 cm
15.5” | 39.4 cm
24.375” | 61.9 cm
48 lb | 21.8 kg

Type: Floor Standing

Vitreous china


Drawings include:
Kohler San Tropez Bidet front elevation, side, plan

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Bidets are plumbing fixtures designed for the purposes of washing a human’s genital or anal area. Typically located next to a toilet for cleaning the body after use, bidets consist of a spray nozzle located within the basin and valves for adjusting and controlling the water temperature and power.