Bidet Clearances

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings for bidet clearances with minimum and recommended clearances

Bidet clearances are common recommendations for the spacing between bidets and bathroom impediments such as toilets and side walls in order to best service the user's comfort and accessibility.

Diagram drawing of the choice for either the straddling or sitting position for using a bidet

Bidets should be installed with a minimum clearance between other fixtures, like toilets, of 12"-15" (30.5-38.1 cm). 12" (30.5 cm) was once the standard clearance, but modern recommendations are between 15"-18" (30.5-45.7 cm). The sizes and installation methods of bidets vary between designs, but most fixtures fall within a depth range of 24"-28" (61-71 cm) and width of 14"-16" (36-41 cm).


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Fixture Depth: 24”-28” | 61-71 cm
Bidet Width: 14”-16” | 36-41 cm
Toilet Width: 20”-24” | 51-61 cm
Towel Bar Height: 40” | 102 cm

Clearance Between Fixtures: 12” | 30.5 cm min.
Activity Zone (Minimum): 24” | 61 cm
Activity Zone (Recommended): 36” | 91 cm
Overall Width: 52”-64” | 132-163 cm



Drawings include:
Bidet Clearances side elevation, side, plan, bidet positions

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Bidets are plumbing fixtures designed for the purposes of washing a human’s genital or anal area. Typically located next to a toilet for cleaning the body after use, bidets consist of a spray nozzle located within the basin and valves for adjusting and controlling the water temperature and power.