Collection of diagrammatic axon drawings of 8 variations of Roof Shapes and styles

Roof shapes are greatly influenced and designed based on the varied properties of specific climates, regions, materials, and architectural styles. Because of the variety of design strategies, roof terminology is flexible and can range from flat roofs to steeply pitched angles. Similarly, roof shapes can be simple singular planes, form domes or arches, or can become complex combinations of slopes, gables, hips, cut-outs, and additions.

Another group of axon drawings of 8 variations of Roof shapes


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Roof Shapes axon diagrams

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Roofs are one of the primary components of a building envelope and are understood as the uppermost part of a building giving protection from the environment, climate, and animals. Roofs are designed uniquely by region and use based on architectural traditions around materials, styles, and functions.

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