Roof Slope Interior Clearances

Diagram drawing showing clearances for usable interior spaces below various roof slopes and angles

Interior clearances for roof slopes provide guides for designing functional human spaces under the challenging constraints of angled roof planes. With various angles ranging from low slopes of 20° to extremely steep pitches of 50°, roof slopes restrict the amount of usable space based on comfortable heights of standing people.

It is advised that ceiling heights be designed at a minimum of 7’6” (230 cm) with minimal human clearances set at 5’ 11” (180 cm). To provide for more functional space around the perimeter of a sloped roof, starting heights of 3’-5’3” (90-160 cm) should be provided at the base of the slope to accommodate a range of diverse functions and furniture options such as chairs, desks, low beds, and storage.


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Slope Starting Clearance: 3’-5’3” | 90-160 cm
Human Clearance (Height): 5’11” | 180 cm
Ceiling Clearance: 7’6” | 230 cm



Drawings include:
Roof Slope Interior Clearances diagram

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Roofs are one of the primary components of a building envelope and are understood as the uppermost part of a building giving protection from the environment, climate, and animals. Roofs are designed uniquely by region and use based on architectural traditions around materials, styles, and functions.

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