Single Sided Walk-In Closets

Two configurations of door placements to the front or side of Single Sided Walk-In closets with dimensions

Single sided walk-in closets are the smallest type of walk-in closets that combine an individual storage wall with an internal clearance space for access. The clear walls of a single sided walk-in closet are often equipped with mirrors or wall-mounted hooks for additional vertical storage.

The overall depth of a single sided walk-in closet can vary as desired, but overall closet depths between 4’-5’ (122-152 cm) are commonly used to save space.


*Under Development*


Clearance Space: 36” | 91.4 cm
Overall Closet Depth (Flexible): 4’-5’ | 122-152 cm



Layouts include:
Single Sided Walk-In Closet plan layout (back), plan (side), plans (people)

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Closets are enclosed spaces dedicated to the storage of things. Most commonly used for storing clothes in a household layout, closets are often built into walls and unused spaces below stairs so that they are not immediately visible within the floorplan.

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