Surface Hung Doors

Assortment of plan drawings illustrating Surface Hung doors in open, closed, and operational positions

A Surface Hung Door is characteristically the same as the Conventional Hung Door, but the installation requires the frame of the door to be fixed in the to the masonry rather than the opening. The door slides over the face of the wall, and it can save much more space than a conventional door. Surface Hung Doors are useful when renovating a building, as the door can be customized to fit the passage width. The door is well suited to retrofit construction for easy accessibility and ADA compliance. 


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Surface Hung Doors plan (open), plan (closed), plan (operation, plans (people)

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Door operation refers to the diverse variety of door typologies for closing and securing a space. Designed for a range of buildings from homes, offices, public spaces, and industrial settings, the choice of door operation is essential for controlling the environment and the flow of people.

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