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Traction Elevators are lift systems that use an electric hoisting machine and hoisting cables to raise and lower the elevator car vertically along guide rails. Traction Elevators are a common system for many mid-rise and high-rise structures and require a penthouse machine room to store the mechanical equipment and a counterweight to balance the load placed on the machinery by the car and passengers. Traction Elevators come in two types, geared and gear-less, that differ based on if a gearbox is attached to the motor.

Geared Traction Elevators are slower at 500’ (152 m) per minute and can travel a maximum of 250’ (76 m). Gear-less Traction Elevators have faster speeds of up to 2,000’ (610 m) per minute and can travel up to 2,000’ (610 m).‍ Penthouse machine rooms for Traction Elevators have heights between 10’-12’ (3-3.7 m). The elevator pit depth for a Traction Elevator is in the range of 5’-12’ (1.5-3.7 m) depending on the application.

What is a Traction Elevator?
Traction Elevators are lifts that are raised and lowered by ropes attached to an electric motor housed at the top of the elevator shaft in a penthouse machine room.
How tall is the penthouse machine room for a Traction Elevator?
The penthouse machine room is required at the top of Traction Elevators and must accommodate the specified system. Penthouse machine rooms are often 10’-12’ | 3-3.7 m in height.
What are the best uses for a Traction Elevator?
Traction Elevators | Lifts


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Penthouse Machine Room Height: 10’-12’ | 3-3.7 m
Elevator Pit Depth: 5’-12’ | 1.5-3.7 m
Top Floor Height (with overrun): 16’-20’ | 4.9-6.1 m
Elevator Width: Varies (see Elevator Layouts)
Floor to Floor Height: 12’-14’ | 3.7-4.3 m (typical)
Elevator Door Height: 7’-8’ | 2.1-2.4 m
Additional Space: Penthouse Machine Room
Geared Traction Speeds: 500’ | 152 m per minute
Gear-less Traction Speeds: 2,000’ | 610 m per minute


Drawings include:
Traction Elevator | Lift section (business people)

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Elevators, or lifts, are vertical transportation devices that move people and goods to various levels and floors of a structure. Designed with a cab that is either pushed or pulled vertically through space via a combination of machines and hoists, Elevators use either Traction or Hydraulic systems.

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